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Get supplies now. Pay later.

Get 5 days worth of supplies for your shop on credit. Sourced directly from the biggest suppliers. At the lowest prices

Fast ordering

With just a text message or a chat, you have placed your order and it's on the way.

Need credit? It's here.

We have integrated lending partners that can cover the cost of your inventory when you need it. Just repay when you have sold the products.

Buy from key distributors

You don't need to buy at exorbitant prices from open market again. With hundreds of key distributors on Growtrade, you can now buy at factory price.

Cashless payments

Say goodbye to messy nightly reconciliations. With smooth payment workflows, all cash that you receive will be auto-reconciled.

Unique banking services

Now you can get your airtime at a discount, send money at lowest costs, maybe even start a small financial services business on the side.

Asset finance

Need a fridge for your spot? Or a new generator? We will arrange the financing you need and you can pay small small. Let's grow together.

To sign-up

Fill the onboarding form

Go through information verification process with our agent via a simple phone call

An account is generated for your business and a decal is printed for your store

And you are ready to go

Let us grow your business

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