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Frequently Asked Questions

Growtrade is a marketplace which helps manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with tools with which to showcase their products, and allows retailers to purchase those products on credit.

At the moment, the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG ) sector of the Nigerian economy is the primary focus of Growtrade.

Suppliers (manufacturers or distributors) who wish to showcase their products on the Growtrade platform need to be registered business entities, while the retailers who purchase those goods could be registered businesses or individuals, as long as they purchase frequently and in bulk.


A supplier (manufacturer or distributor) who wishes to register on Growtrade can do so by submitting the required information through this link here

  1. The retailer fills out and submits this application form
  2. The retailer gets an sms notifying them that their application has been approved, and providing them with their account details
  3. The retailer logs in and selects goods from the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor they wish to purchase from
  4. At checkout, the retailer selects “pay now” if they want to pay with their own money, or “pay4me” if they want to purchase on credit.
  5. When the transaction is completed, the retailer gets a notification of the transaction details via sms, while the distributor gets the same via email.

The retailer is expected to repay the credit line within 7 - 14 days

No. Order fulfillment is the responsibility of the supplier. However, the retailer can opt to pick up the purchased goods from a dedicated pick up pointy indicated by the suppliers

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